Bridging the World of DeFi and Traditional Assets

Liquidity Management System
Sustainable Passive rewards
Real world revenue streams


Our protocol features a variable 10,000% APY held stable by an automated Liquidity Management System–powered by Horde Protocol. The LMS keeps the $DEFIRM token price within a pre-set range as holders earn rebase rewards. The liquidity manager buys tokens whenever the price hits the floor of the threshold, and sells tokens whenever the price hits the ceiling of the pre-set range. This allows for a sustainable passive income!

15% Buy/Sell Tax

Liquidity Manager

Our built-in Liquidity Manager (powered by Horde Protocol) keeps the $DEFIRM token price within a stable pre-set range.

Automatic LP

5% of trading fees are returned to the liquidity pool to increase the collateral value of the $DEFIRM token.  


5% of the trading fees are redirecting to the treasury to support the continues growth and maintenance of the DeFirm Finance ecosystem.

Our Mission

DeFirm Finance is a community-governed protocol that combines DeFi technology with real world assets. We will be purchasing properties, businesses and other yield-accruing physical assets under a LLC established in Wyoming (DeFirm). Our ever-growing real estate board will feature experts in the field from all over the world. We aim to leverage the high-returns of crypto and de-fi, and rotate them into secure yield-generating ventures that reliably grow the intrinsic value of the protocol.

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We have seen projects continuously fail to provide true value and utility to their ecosystems. We see an opportunity to combine the functions of DeFi and traditional business to maximize real revenue for our holders and our ecosystem.

Properties, businesses and other assets will be acquired on the DeFirm LLC.

We will be establishing the DeFirm LLC in the state of Wyoming, as it has the most compliant regulations for DeFirm’s operations.

$DEFIRM will initially launch on the AVAX network, but will be cross-chain in the future

The LMS is a proprietary algorithm that keeps the $DEFIRM token price in a stable pre-set range. We've partnered with Horde Protocol to implement their LMS codes, as it is by far the most proven and reliable on the market!

$DEFIRM is a rebasing token, but will be no need for staking. Holders earn rebase rewards every 30 minutes for simply holding $DEFIRM tokens in their wallets. Your position passively grows without the need for staking or farming. This is a limited time feature structured to reward the early supporters of the DeFirm ecosystem.

Our real estate board will feature experts in the field from different locations around the world. Their role will include thoroughly vetting the best prospective properties for the protocol to invest in. After curating a selection of properties, a vote is taken.